Geisler Cycles

I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years looking at one single design challenge : for in-house built performance road bikes - how best can I rethink the intersection of accuracy, efficiency and repeatability of the manufacturing process.

Ideally, if these marks are hit, the outcome is a unique bike with high integrity. Translated – comfortable, performance bikes with ideal and predictable handling characteristics that behave well under all conditions, requiring nominal rider input in order for them to give great outcomes. This leaves the mind and body to focus on delivering power and performance and to enjoy the ride!

Responding to the challenges set by today’s top-end tubing materials and shapes, I’ve carefully designed and manufactured every jig and fixture that is used in the critical construction phase. Mitres are all machine executed and the results are measured on a proprietary system that ensures centre to centre measurements to within 0.05mm (+/- 0.05mm).

It’s this pursuit of accuracy that underpins the entire build process.

Jesse Geisler – Fitzroy VIC